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Monday, December 20, 2004

BS From Bush on Guest Worker Program

According to, Bush is spouting off more false claims to justify his proposed guest worker program. Here are some highlights from the president's mouth:

We want our Border Patrol agents chasing crooks and thieves and drug runners and terrorists, not goodhearted people who are coming here to work
Not true. I want them chasing the whole lot of them! These goodhearted people who are illegally coming here to work are inadvertently destroying our country by draining more tax dollars than they contribute. They are overwhelming schools, hospitals and transportation systems and are keeping the wages for menial jobs artificially low. If anything, these goodhearted people are costing our country more money than the crooks, thieves and drug runners that Bush mentioned. California alone is losing over $9 billion dollars a year to them, according to conservative estimates.

According to Bush, his proposed program will have these "guest workers":
doing jobs Americans won't do; take the pressure off of employers so they're not having to rely upon false IDs; cut out the coyotes who are the smugglers of these people.
The problem here is that there is no such thing as a job Americans won't do. They won't do certain jobs for wages that illegal aliens accept and they won't live 20 to a house to make it possible to survive on such wages, but they will do these jobs if the employers offer a reasonable wage. If "guest" workers couldn't come in and take the job for cheaper than dirt wages, the employers would have to pay more to attract workers and suddenly Americans would be performing these jobs. In states with low numbers of illegal immigrants, people still manage to find gardeners, nannies, maids, car washers and factory workers. They simply have to pay more for these services.

As far as taking the pressure off of employers so they are not having to rely upon false ID's, this is a blatant lie. We already have a Federal program in place where employers can call a 1-800 number to find out if a perspective employee has the legal right to work here. Employers don't use this service because they don't want to know the status of their employees. Ignorance is profitable bliss and they like paying low wages. All this new program will do is magically make it legal for people to work who currently are not allowed to do so.

Simply declaring that all illegals are now legal is NOT the way to solve the illegal immigration problem.

Lastly, this program will not put the coyotes out of business. Quite the opposite. If people learn that it is easy to get permission to work here if they manage to get into the country, the coyotes will have much more demand for their smuggling services. Why wait in line for a legal program when sneaking across the border will lead to instant gratification?

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