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I am a neolibertarian minded individual who feels that freedom and individual rights take precedence over the wants of government. I believe government exists to serve the people and not to protect us from ourselves. I am an advocate for private firearms ownership, smaller government, reduced taxes and freedom to live your life however you choose, providing you do not directly hurt others.

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Warning: Get Ready to Defend Your Rights!

In less than a week after the election, Bush has confirmed his intent to do the following:

  • Press for a Guest Worker Program
    (i.e. legitimize illegal immigrants, make it easy for them to work here and then eventually call them citizens while utterly overwhelming our schools, medical facilities, freeways and tax based social programs)
  • Press for more Anti-Abortion legislation
    (i.e. telling women they have no say in what happens to their bodies)
  • Press for Anti-Gay marriage legislation
    (i.e. legislating against people on the basis of their sexual orientation)

Bush is also likely to soon have a chance to appoint a new Supreme Justice, and a Chief Justice, which will then preside over the highest court in our country until they die or voluntarily retire.
Both Bush and former Attorney General Ashcroft expressed a desire to strengthen various elements of the Patriot Act, and in the hands of an unscrupulous government these powers could be used for great harm. Bush has a conservative House and Senate and has no possibility of re-election, so he need not be shy or gentle when promoting this agenda. The next two years have the potential to greatly impact our freedom as American citizens and the future of this country, as it will be two years before America gets another chance to choose office holders for the Congress and Senate.

No matter if you are Republican, Democrat or third party, keep your eye on these issues. Write your elected representatives and let them know you will not stand for any reduction or infringement upon your rights. Write them now before they even start working on oppressive laws. If your elected staff does not follow your instructions, be prepared to vote against your party in two years and support a third party, such as the Libertarians.

In all fairness to this country, please don't let vigilance turn into irrational divisiveness for the sake of Bush-whacking. There are a number of good things that our President plans to work towards, and he should get full credit for those actions that better our nation. I personally am looking forward to Bush’s promised simplification of our tax code, making certain middle class tax cuts permanent, being able to control more of my retirement money rather than throwing it away on Social Security, and I am also looking forward to four years without the Federal Government trying to steal my firearms and other self defense tools.

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