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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What About Us??!?

After much irritation and searching, I FINALLY found the 2004 election results for Libertarian Candidate Michael Badnarik and Independent Candidate Ralph Nader. It's really a shame that the main stream media is so enamored with the 2 party system that they don't even bother to report on the other parties' results in such a way that the public hears about them. The results below were compiled by looking at each individual state result table found by clicking on each state on the US Map at at 2AM Pacific Time. (Thus far I have not found a comprehensive listing with all the information in a singletable.) I'm pleased to say that Badnarik received votes in 48 of the 50 states. These numbers will be less than the final totals, as they are based on results from not quite all of the precincts, but they at least give you a good idea of how the top two 3rd party candidates did in each state and throughout the US as a whole. Once the final numbers come in, I'll post the results in a more readable format.

Arizona,9,566/No Data Available
California,35,389/No Data Available
Georgia,17,139/No Data Available
Hawaii,1,272/No Data Available
Idaho,3,529/No Data Available
Illinois,30,686/No Data Available
Indiana,18,431/No Data Available
Massachusetts,15,525/ No Data Available
Missouri,9,770/No Data Available
New Hampshire,No Data Available/4,214
New Jersey,4,320/18,614
New Mexico,2,128/3,555
New York,12,757/104,192
North Carolina,13,046/No Data Available
North Dakota,841/3,693
Oklahoma No Data Available
Oregon,5,626/No Data Available
Pennsylvania,20,890/No Data Available
Rhode Island,864/3,971
South Carolina,3,564/5,294
South Dakota,945/4,235
Texas,38,237/No Data Available
Virginia,11,784/No Data Available
West Virginia,1,349/3,910



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