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Monday, November 15, 2004

Time to Stop Illegal Immigration to Prevent Terrorism

For decades this country has looked the other way while illegal immigrants pour into our country. At just one 375 mile stretch of the Arizona/Mexico border, it is estimated that over 4,000 illegal immigrants cross into our country each day. As of late, there have been numerous reports from border patrol agents, border town residents and various media organizations saying that Middle Eastern Muslims are mixed in with these immigrants in significant numbers. Not that all or even most Middle Easterners and Muslims are terrorists, but we do know that much of the terrorism we have been combating has been enacted by people from that geographic and cultural background. Combine this with the following news stories, and we are just asking for trouble if we continue to allow an uncontrolled, un-screened and never-ending stream of people to illegally enter our country.

Here are some news stories to make you think: Bordering on Nukes
In brief, it tells of an likely Al-Qaeda plan to acquire nuclear materials in Europe, bring the Mexico, from Mexico cross into the United states and then use them for a terrorist attack. Other reports mention plans to do similar things with chemical and biological attacks, using Mexico as a staging area before crossing into the US. Offers on Guard for Terrorist Activity
Mentions border guards stepping up security at legal border crossing points in response to reports that Al-Qaeda are preparing to acquire some form of Weapon of Mass Destruction, take it to Mexico, and from Mexico into the US. Al-Qaeda reported to be eyeing southern US Border
Honduran Cabinet member reports Al-Qaeda is recruiting Central American gangs to help them get people and materials into the US via the Mexican border, as the gangs already have well established methods of getting people and goods into our country. Terrorists Might be smuggled into U.S.
Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld expresses concern that terrorists may be using well established illegal alien smuggling routes to enter our country.

ABC 7 News: Honduran Official Says Al-Qaeda Recruiting
Honduran Officials report Al-Qaeda operatives are actively recruiting the help of Honduran gangs to enter the country. There has also been a recent outbreak of gang inflicted beheadings, something that was not very common until suspected terrorists began interacting with the gangs. Middle Eastern appearing people recently brought $1 million in cash to finance a gang's illegal immigrant smuggling operation.

This has got to stop! Illegal immigration already depresses wages for low-skill jobs. It strains our social, education and healthcare systems, and dramatically increases crime (example: 95% of all outstanding murder warrants in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens and 17% of our Federal Prison population consists of illegal aliens.).

Now there is evidence that terrorists are exploiting this easy method of entering the US. It is time to enact meaningful border control, and to keep people out of our country unless they go through the legal entry and immigration process.

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