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Friday, December 03, 2004

The Save Our License Initiative

As most people are aware, Californians recently removed Governor Gray Davis from office in the middle of his term. Although this was mostly a reaction to his mismanagement of state monies, it was at least in part a reaction to his signing a bill that would grant driver's licenses to illegal aliens. This bill was later quashed by the combined efforts of the state legislature and the newly elected Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Recently there have been attempts to create another law that would allow illegal aliens to obtain California state driver's licenses. If this happens, illegal aliens would more easily be able to function in our society as they would have legitimate identification to show when opening bank accounts, cashing and writing checks and conducting other business that requires valid identification. Likewise, terrorists and other criminals who enter this country illegally would be able to obtain seemingly legitimate identification to help them blend in. (Some of the 9/11 hijackers used drivers licenses to avoid detainment.)

In parallel with this effort, pro-illegal alien activist Nativo Lopez has repeatedly called for boycotts and other disruptive actions designed to harm the state of California as a way to protest our state's resistance to granting drivers license to illegal aliens. His boycott ideas have included not sending the children of illegal alien sympathizers to school (schools only get paid for the kids that show up each day), asking illegal aliens to not report to work on a certain day (this resulted in many being fired), and most recently, not purchasing gasoline on "Dark Mondays".

Here a few links on Nativo Lopez and other pro-illegal alien driver's license advocates.

Now that you know who and what we are up against, it's time to fight back. If you are a California resident, add your support to the Save Our License Initiative. If this iniative becomes law, it will put an end to this issue once and for all. It will:
  • mandate that drivers licenses, government identification cards, in-state college tuition discounts and other tax-funded benefits shall not be granted to illegal aliens
  • compel the state to defend this amendment against all federal and state court challenges
  • allow private citizens to sue the state and local governments if they fail to enforce this law
  • allow government officials who willfully violate this amendment to be held personally liable for the costs of litigation
  • exempt existing Federally mandated benefits so that this law will not conflict with existing Federal laws
In short, the Save Our License Initiative will take away the incentive for illegal aliens to come to California and will give the citizens of California a hefty club to wield against anyone in the government who violates this amendment.

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