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Friday, January 14, 2005

Good Students Don't Buy the Bull

Over the past decade there have been a growing number of complaints from college students who feel they are being intellectually stifled and oppressed by their professors. To be more specific, these people feel that their mostly liberal professors are trying to force them to adopt leftist or socialist views, or at least negative views about America, capitalism and success. The creator of is working on a full scale documentary of this issue.

The title link is an article written by a 17 year old Kuwaiti Arab Muslim in his freshman year of a U.S. college. The article tells how he was frustrated by his professor’s attempts to indoctrinate him with negative views about America. His final exam consisted of an essay in which he was required to:

Analyze the US constitution (original document), and show how its formulation excluded the majority of the people living in America at that time, and how it was dominated by America's elite interest.

He decided not to put up with this crap and wrote an essay on how the Constitution was a highly progressive document for its time and was a great tool of democracy. This essay allegedly resulted in his professor telling him to undergo regular psychological counseling or face having his student visa canceled. The student pushed back, told the media his story and battle is apparently on.

As someone else who once felt pressure from college professors to embrace liberal or sometimes even anti-American viewpoints, I am glad this student had the guts to reject this thinly veiled attempt at indoctrination. As a student, I too rejected any such ideas, and did not let them stand unchallenged in the classroom. I hope others will see that students should not pay college tuition so that they can be programmed with political opinions that are passed off as facts. Students are paying for a product (education) and they are well within their rights as a consumer to refuse a faulty product.

It is a gross, vile, loathsome and despicable violation of trust for any teacher, professor, media figure or person of authority to present their personal opinions as irrefutable and objective facts. To do so is similar to a family doctor with a breast fetish telling all female patients that they need breast implants or monthly breast massages. It is akin to a priest telling little children that God wants them to do bad things. People with authority do not have the right to mislead those subject to their authority.



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