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Friday, May 05, 2006

Armed Robber Flees After Getting Face Full of Hot Water

The reason I post so many of these self defense stories, and stories about kidnappers, robbers and rapists getting hurt is because I'm hoping to accomplish three things:
  1. Change our societal perception about violence (in short, violence can be appropriate and even necessary when defending oneself or saving an innocent from harm; everyone has the right and the duty to defend themselves or civilization will decay)

  2. Show people that anyone and everyone can defend themselves from an attacker as long as they keep their wits about them and use any and all means necessary to stop an attacker and save their lives. I've posted many stories of people from all demographics doing this successfully as proof of this concept (young children, elderly women, middle aged men and often people much smaller and weaker than their attackers).

  3. Demonstrate that good people are not helpless prey, and get the word out that crime can be a very dangerous and painful occupation for criminals. If the media publicized successful defenses and stories about injured criminals as often as they gleeful report murders and robberies, crime would go down even faster. Criminals watch TV, and if every night they saw news stories of robbers and rapists getting severely injured, jailed or even killed, I believe many would be less motivated to be cowardly predators.
Here's an excerpt from a story of how convenience store clerks chased away a frequent armed robber by throwing a cup full of scalding hot water in his face:
One of the clerks threw scalding hot water at the armed man, who then dropped the goods and ran. The man was armed with a sharpened screwdriver, NBC 5 reported
Police said the robber has struck the store in Lake Highlands at least six times and fear that his next visit may be more violent.
Given that this guy has made a habit of robbing this store, it's time the store owner and employees legally arm themselves with something even more formidable than boiling water. Fortunately, this happened in gun-friendly Texas, and one can hope it would be legal for the clerk to have a shotgun secured under the counter and/or a .45 on his or her person If there is any justice, the next time this dirt bag comes to rob this store might be his last.

Click on the title link to the news story if you'd like to see video footage of the robber getting a face full of hot water.

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