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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Keep on Protesting, Illegal Alien Criminals

According to, a recent Zogby poll confirmed the obvious:

Recent images of seas of illegal aliens marching in cities across the U.S. are having a far greater negative than positive impact on the foreigners' cause, according to a new poll.
Asked whether the protests have made likely voters more or less sympathetic toward undocumented workers, 61 percent said they're less likely to be sympathetic to the plight of illegals as a result of the protests, while only 32 percent of respondents said they're now more sympathetic.
I actually found the protests quite amusing. These people actually think that entering our country illegally, ignoring our employment and taxation laws, and waiving the Mexican flag, chanting in Spanish and disrupting traffic is somehow going to endear them to us. They claim they want to be a part of our country, yet do everything in their power to demonstrate that they are trying to conquer us for Mexico rather than join us through assimilation. Not only are many of these protestors criminals, but apparently they are also stupid.

Those that have been following these protests from the beginning will recall that at the early spontaneous demonstrations, the protesting illegal aliens carried Mexican flag while defacing or disrespecting the U.S. flag. Here's an example that was emailed to me a couple of weeks ago:

Note how the Mexican flag flies ABOVE the U.S. flag, and how our national symbol flies upside down, a mark of extreme disrespect when not used as a symbol to indicate a serious emergency. Television footage of these demonstrations initially showed veritable seas of Mexican flags. Now, over the last few days, educated activists and political organizers finally realized that this wasn't going over well with the American public. Recent highly organized protests have now featured Spanish speaking illegals waiving the American flag. Investigative reporting revealed that the politically savvy organizers brought large numbers of U.S. flags and tried to talk the protestors in to trading their Mexican flags in for free American flags in the hope that this trick would convince the voting public to support an amnesty for these falsely patriotic people.

If these people truly were respectful of our nation and wanted to join us, they would have come here legally, learned our language, culture and customs, and not been inclined to waive the banners of foreign nations on our soil and form anti-American groups like this one. Fortunately, it looks like the majority of registered voters already realize this, and about half of them are have come to understand what a huge problem illegal immigration is creating.

Likely voters said their biggest concern about illegal immigration is the burden it places on government social services at all levels. While 27 percent said the increased burden was their top concern, another 22 percent said they hold a companion worry – that illegals will trigger an increase in the cost of government services.

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