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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

2005 Hero of the Year Candidates

Reader's Digest is in the process of choosing their 2005 Hero of the Year. Here's a link to the candidates. I found a story that struck me as particularly fitting for this blog. A couple visited the occupant of a nursing home and found an employee attacking a woman with a knife. Here's how they reacted:

Springer rushed at the man, grabbing his arm, and allowing the victim, Jeanne Hobbs, to get away. Mustafa Mohamed turned the knife on Springer, leaving facial wounds that required 48 stitches. Then he made his way down the hall, slashing at patients. Heart racing, Dow stepped into Mohamed's path, raised the can of pepper spray she always carried in her purse and blasted him in the eyes.
I commend these two for having the courage to risk themselves to save another life. There is also an important lesson in this story. Note how Mr. Springer ended up needing 48 stitches after he "rushed at the man, grabbing his arm". Though I could be wrong, I interpret this quote to mean that an average guy with no particular combat training or preparation just charged in and risked serious injury to help someone. While this is quite brave, it sounds like Ms. Dow had by far the better technique. Note the "raised the can of pepper spray she always carried". Dow was prepared, armed and apparently ready to defend herself and others. Though I wasn't there, I assume that this series of events happened very quickly, and that she probably didn't have several minutes to rummage through her purse and search for her pepper spray underneath a pile of cosmetics, tissues and various other items that tend to collect in women's purses. This level of preparation is the heart of effective defense. Virtually anyone can carry some sort of small self defense item, such as pepper spray, stun guns, firearms, striking tools (even a small flashlight, keychain weapon, cane or walking stick can be used in a pinch). Laws may vary from place to place, but there is always something that can legally be used for self defense item with a little practice. Note how the article doesn't mention Ms. Dow sustaining the kinds of injuries that Mr. Springer received. Her preparation not only saved herself from harm, but very likely prevented the other people present from receiving more knife wounds.

I do not mean to disparage Mr. Springer’s brave sacrifice, but rather am using his story to remind people to::

  • Acquire and learn how to use a legal self defense tool (preferably from a skilled trainer)
  • Habitually carry that self defense aid whenever possible
  • Keep the self defense tool accessible so you can quickly deploy it in an emergency
  • Periodically practice so you don’t forget how to effectively use your tool
  • Use it to save lives should it ever become necessary
  • Realize that if/when you intervene, you will be risking your health and safety, and your training and preparation will be big factor in mitigating that risk



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