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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Support the May 1st Boycott

AmericanPatrol has posted this CNN footage about the supposedly upcoming May 1 Boycott. In short, the idea is for Illegal Aliens and their sympathizers to boycott America that day. The boycott consists of not going to work, preventing their children from going to school, not buying or selling anything and avoiding all forms of business. The idea behind this is to shock the nation with the amount of economic damage that they can cause in order to convince us how important they are to us all.

I'd like to formally announce my support of this boycott. I hope as many illegal aliens participate in this event as possible. I hope the boycott is a wild success and that they manage to keep it going indefinitely. As a supporter of this boycott, I would like to offer the illegal aliens some friendly reminders to help them do a proper job of boycotting America:

  • Don't forget to avoid our hospital emergency rooms and trauma centers
  • Really stick it to us citizens by not drawing upon any tax funded assistance programs that day
  • Hit us where it hurts by keeping your vehicles off of American roads and freeways
  • Guarantee us further generations of underpaid housekeepers, gardeners and car wash attendants by keeping your kids out of school and making sure they don't participate in education programs
  • Really make an impact by not sending any of our racist American dollars to your home countries so that your homeland doesn't profit from our evil
  • Express your anger by not loitering in front of home improvement stores
  • Tear up your fake Social Security cards and burn the false identification documents that the racist oppressors of this nation have driven you to acquire in order to obtain employment

For those of you who don't speak English, I'll provide you some of these same tips in your native tongue:

En el primero de Mayo, los delincuentes y criminales que viven en Los Estados Unidos sin autorización deben quedarse en sus casas. Eso es para mostrar los gringos la importancia de los inmigrantes. Los jovenes no deben ir al las escuelas, y los trabajadores no deben ir a sus trabajos. Tambien, nadie debe manejar en los calles. Por favor, quema sus papeles de identificacion y sus tarjetas de Seguridad Social falsos y no emvie dinero a Mexico en el primero de Mayo.

Those of you who sympathize with illegal immigrants and haven't yet come to this country can also help support the boycott:

  • Don't sneak across our borders illegally on May 1
  • Don't give out border crossing maps, pamphlets on how to apply for US government aid and the various other things that the Mexican government has been providing to would-be invaders

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