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Monday, May 01, 2006

A Day Without Illegal Aliens

For those of you who wonder what it was like in Southern California on our day without illegal aliens, here's a picture of tonight’s rush hour traffic on the major Southern California freeways:

The above image is a screenshot of's traffic website taken at 6PM today. Note that each colored dot represents a traffic sensor that is reporting the average speed of traffic passing over that part of the freeway. As you can see, nearly everything is green, which means traffic was traveling over 55 miles per hour. Usually at this same time on a normal weekday, this traffic map shows lots of yellow and red dots, meaning traffic is crawling along at stop and go speeds. My commute to and from work today were both amazingly stress-free and fast. Most traffic was doing well above the speed limit, and I didn't notice the typical stalled cars in the middle of the road, broken-down junkers on the shoulder nor any dilapidated vehicles spewing clouds of oily smoke. Radio traffic reporters and radio talk show callers all reported terrific traffic conditions. My coworkers, friends and relatives reported the same thing. In short, a day on the road without illegal aliens was fantastic.

According to the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) measurements, today's air quality compared to Sunday’s in terms of several key air pollutants (amazing given that few people drive to work on Sundays and emit vehicular air pollution). Thus, it looks like Southern Californian's can literally breathe easier without illegal aliens.

Los Angeles Unified School District reported that 72,000 children were absent from school today. Since schools get paid by the state based on the number of students attending on any given day, tax payers presumably saved a bundle because of the absence of illegal aliens. The Santa Ana Unified School District reported that 3,000 secondary school students did not show up today, though I couldn't find a total number for all grade levels to compare to Los Angeles.

Although this is purely anecdotal, I heard several teachers call a local radio talk show and rave about how great it was to have a day in which they could teach uninterrupted in English, without having to slow down, repeat and explain things to Spanish speaking children.

Other talk radio callers (both patients and employees) mentioned how few people were at the local emergency trauma centers and emergency rooms (though again, these are unsubstantiated anecdotal claims).

Yet more talk callers also reported firing a number of people who didn't show up to work today, and in many cases quickly replaced their illegal alien workers with legitimate employees, which is another positive. The morning news reported Mexican protesters linked hands across the I-5 freeway at the
Tijuana border crossing to try and prevent Mexican's from entering our country so that they couldn't spend money here or support our economy.

From what I could gather from radio news, the protests were all peaceful, and the worst that happened was some localized traffic disruption and lots of
U.S. flags getting dragged on the ground during demonstrations before being tossed in garbage cans and the repeated playing of a new Spanish version of our national anthem. As annoying as it was to see our flag being treated disdainfully, this should serve as a wake up call to the voting population when they see just how little respect these illegal aliens have for our society, laws and customs.

I was in such a good mood about the temporary withdrawal from society of illegal aliens that I bought a few hundred dollars worth of ammunition and firearms related supplies to help our local economy and to help counteract whatever minimal damage the illegal alien boycott might possibly have done today.

In light of all of these pleasant experiences, I sincerely hope they decide to keep the boycott going a little longer, at least for a few more decades.

(Disclaimer: I am aware that talk radio callers do not constitute scientific data, and often are politically motivated people. Nevertheless, this was a consistent trend amongst English speaking radio programs today, and was the only metric available to me as I worked all day and could not actually visit schools, hospitals and the various other locations that the callers reported on. Some of these calls were corroborated by legitimate news stories, so one can only assume there is at least some truth to all of this.)



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