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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

British Swordmaker Fights Sword Ban

According to, a British sword smith is about to meet with members of Parliament in an attempt to persuade them against banning swords.

Mr Macdonald, 33, a former fencing instructor who now makes and sells swords, fears any new laws could also affect those who use them for perfectly legitimate reasons.

He is concerned that Highland dancers, fencers, collectors, antiques dealers, battle re-enactment groups, theatre companies and thousands of heritage enthusiasts could lose out if they become illegal.

Unfortunately, weapons banners probably won't really care who their law hurts as they are not likely to acknowledge that there are indeed "legitimate reasons" for owning weapons. Just look at UK and Australian firearms as proof of this unfortunate point.

And he argues banning the sale of swords will do very little to reduce the number of knife crimes in the country. Mr Macdonald claims that only approximately 1% of all knife-related crimes each year involves [sic] the use of a sword.

This poor guy keeps using logic to make his case, something that politicians around the world tend to disdain. Look how California banned .50 BMG rifles when they have yet to be used for crime. While I completely agree with his argument, I think this sword-crafter would fare better if he gathered enough funds to buy an MSP or enough voters to threaten their seat. Nevertheless, I wish him luck in his battle as he is definitely backing a worthy cause. If they outlaw swords, they will be banning an important part of their heritage for absolutely no practical reason.

For those of you who have never seen a finely crafted sword and don’t understand what all the fuss is about, take the time to view one in person. Visit a museum or upscale sword shop (i.e. a place that sells $1000+ weapons and not just junky wall-hangers). Swords can be incredible works of art, as well as elegant and effective weapons. They are an important part of most cultural histories. Swords have been created to commemorate noteworthy events, carried as symbols of rank/class, and wielded to create and defend nations. Banning them would be akin to banning family crests, or forbidding the creation and possession of sculptures.

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