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Monday, March 14, 2005

New Safety Laws Needed

It has become apparent that this nation is suffering from an epidemic of easily prevented tragic injuries and deaths. Innocent people are dying, and it’s long past time our government does something about it! We need to enact legislation to apply the following restrictions in order to protect the children and citizens of America from needless preventable tragedies:

  • An outright ban of assault vehicles. Assault vehicles shall be defined as follows:
    • any motor vehicle with a high capacity fuel tanks capable of storing more than 10 gallons of gasoline (forcing people to stop for gas more often will limit how far criminals can flee from police before running out of fuel)
    • any motor vehicles equipped with two or more of the following items that make vehicles attractive to criminals and aggressive drivers:
      • rear spoiler
      • ground effects
      • chrome exhaust tips
      • coffee can mufflers
      • racing stripes
      • amplified stereo system
      • custom wheels
      • fuzzy dice
      • dual exhaust
      • tinted windows
      • Images of Calvin urinating on anything
    • high capacity vehicles seating more than 10 occupants (this will make it more difficult for terrorist groups to transport their forces to targets)
  • All private vehicles sold after December 31, 2005 shall be equipped with the following safety features:
    • Speed governing device to prevent the vehicle from exceeding the highest legal speed limit for the state in which it is sold.
    • United States Department of Justice Approved Steering Wheel Locking Device (to ensure that the vehicles cannot be used by unauthorized persons)

If the above ideas sound stupid, invasive and even ludicrous, why do you support this type of legislation against guns? In CA it is illegal to buy a firearm that can store more than 10 rounds of ammunition in the magazine. It is illegal to buy a .50BMG rifle because of its ability to send a bullet over long distances. It is also illegal to buy a rifle with various cosmetic and minor functional features, such as a pistol grip, thumbhole stock, etc. Why? Why is it ok for a handgun and shotgun to have a “pistol grip” but not a rifle? Why is an otherwise legal rifle suddenly “evil” if it has a small hole in the stock for a user to rest their thumb in?

In 2000 there were 43,354 traffic fatalities. There is no denying that cars can be dangerous and even deadly. Each year of the past decade brought over 6 million traffic accidents on U.S. highways. There were only 28,163 gun related deaths in 2000, including the criminals killed by police officers in order to stop crimes that were in progress.

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