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Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Ugly Side of Illegal Immigration

I've written numerous articles about the problems of illegal immigration. One of the things I've lamented is the lack of respect many illegal aliens have for our nation and our culture. In the past, immigrants tended to come from far away places with the intent of becoming Americans and participating in the American dream. These immigrants made difficult journeys that took weeks or even months of continuous travel to get here. When they arrived, that often lacked the money to go back home if things didn't work out. Since their homelands where overseas in Europe and Asia, they were pretty much stuck here and had to make the best of it as they couldn’t simply walk home if things didn’t work out. As a result, they were highly motivated to succeed and to become accepted as Americans.

The illegal immigration that takes place today is often very different. Many of the people who come here have no interest in assimilating or permanently joining our society. Quite often, people come here to make money to send out of the country, or to save up money that will let them return home one day and start their own business or retire in style. School teachers in Southern California talk of families that come here to get free education and medical care for their children while they work and save as much money as possible. They then return to Mexico after fully exploiting our tax based system and extracting money from our economy.

Others that come here feel that they are re-conquering the land that once supposedly belonged to their ancestors. Political activists and illegal alien leaders tell them that they are the rightful owners of this land, everyone else here are white racist oppressors, and that they should cling to their Mexican heritage rather than assimilate with us "gringos".

In the scenarios I describe, there is no reason for the illegal immigrants to learn English or better their community. The first group I mentioned literally is here to take as much as they can from our country and then use it to better themselves in their home country. If you are only here for a few years or a decade, why bother learning English or helping to build our nation when they won't be here later to enjoy it? In the second case, political activism has taught the illegals that American citizens are their enemy.

For those who doubt me, follow the link below to a web site that has created a flash video of the worst type of illegal aliens possible. I warn you now, this video contains obscenities, flag desecration and other highly offensive things that are directed at us Americans. It is a compilation of various illegal alien protestors showing contempt for our flag, our people and our culture. If we allow this crowd to increase its numbers and gain influence in this country, we will see race wars within our lifetimes. Look at what is still happening in France as they battle both their legal and illegal alien communities that keep rioting, burning and looting. Any group that deliberately increases racial tensions should be nipped in the bud. Every time an illegal alien burns the U.S. flag, yells "Viva la Raza" or "brown power", some other equally racist group will respond with "White Power!" etc. We don't need this sort of problem in our country. Many big cities in this country have already burned because of racial tensions in the past 50 years. Our prisons frequently break out into Black vs. Hispanic riots. Violence will come to this country if we don't prevent these tensions from building up and stop illegal alien activism from inciting hate.

I fully admit that there are many illegal aliens who come here desperately wanting to build a new life and hoping to some day fully join our society. I have known such people, and often they are good people who really make an effort to join our society and respect our nation and culture. Nevertheless, we cannot afford to look the other way and assume that all illegal aliens are of this benevolent type. We must control our borders and prevent employers from attracting illegal aliens in order to ensure that the bad type of illegals I described do not grow in numbers or influence. Even if 90% of the illegal aliens who come here were beneficial (which I doubt), and only 10% of them are harmful, we still have a serious problem. Since we currently have between 12 and 20 MILLION illegal aliens in this country (and about 3,000 new ones arriving every day), that would mean we have between 1.2 and 2 million people who are here to either suck our nation dry or to re-conquer our land. This is a very dangerous situation that must be reversed for the survival our school system, medical care system, economy, standard of living and national culture.



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