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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Controversy Over Telling Women To Drink Less To Avoid Rape

According to the

A POLICE chief sparks controversy today by suggesting the number of rapes in Scotland could be substantially reduced if women drank less.

Neil Richardson, assistant chief constable of Lothian and Borders Police, bases his claim on new research which identified victims' alcohol consumption as significant in a third of attacks.

The senior officer said "a lot" of the 1,100 rapes a year could be prevented "by people not allowing themselves to be in a vulnerable position".

In 40 cases, officers investigating the assault said they believed the victim's alcohol or drug-taking was a "significant factor in the fact they were targeted".

Officers believed that in 33 cases, alcohol had affected the victim's ability to resist the attack and in 34 cases it affected their ability to avoid the assault altogether.

People with common sense are probably wondering why this was considered to be controversial. Here’s another excerpt:

…rape support and alcohol workers insist women should be able to drink without fear of being attacked.

Sandy Brindley, national co-ordinator of Rape Crisis Scotland, warned that Richardson's comments might make women reluctant to come forward if they are attacked while drunk.

She said: "Women should be able to drink and not worry about being raped."

To Sandy Brindely, I say I should also be able to run naked and blindfolded through bear country while covered in bacon grease without fear of being mauled, but that just isn’t how the world works.

Don’t get me wrong: A lone drunken lingerie model walking down a dark gang-infested alley while clad in a micro-skirt and a see-through tube top does not “deserve” to get raped, and anyone who tries to rape her should be shot. Nevertheless, her chances of avoiding rape are much less than those of an armed sober woman wearing practical clothing who goes out with friends and avoids dangerous areas. Everyone needs to be responsible for their own safety and take sensible precautions. I think the police chief did the right thing in telling women how to reduce their chances of being victimized. The rape crisis coordinator shouldn’t be angry that “reports of rapes focus on the woman’s behavior”, but rather should be grateful to know that woman have some level of control and that there are things that they can do to reduce their likelihood of being raped. Taking precautions about personal safety is just common sense.

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