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Friday, May 06, 2005

Illegal Aliens Bring Crime, Disease and Bankrupt Hospitals

The title link is to an article on the American's for Illegal Immigration site. Much of their info is taken from TIME Magazine's "Who Left the Doors Open?" article from September 2004.

Bankrupting Hospitals:

In 2003, 77 border state hospitals spiraled into bankruptcy.
Three Los Angeles area hospitals bankrupted already this year.
Bringing Disease:
In five years, 16,000 cases of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis breached the Mexican border. In three years, 7,000 cases of leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) arrived with immigrants from India, Brazil and the Caribbean. Tens of thousands of cases of hepatitis A transplanted into America. Another South American disease, affecting 14 million and killing 50,000 annually, Chagas Disease, a parasite that attacks the heart and other organs, invades U.S. borders in the bodies of the unchecked illegal aliens.
Bringing Crime:
“From October 1, 2003 to July 20, 2004, the border patrol’s Tucson sector stopped 9,051 person crossing illegal who had criminal records in the U.S., meaning they committed crimes here, returned to Mexico, then were trying to re-enter the country,” Barlett wrote. “A minimum of 378 had active warrants for their arrest.”

Not mentioned in the report was the 20,000 member “18th Street Gang” made up of 60% illegal aliens in Los Angeles. It distributes drugs from Mexico, commits robberies daily, extorts businesses and engages in drive-by shootings. Along with them, the 8,000 member MS 13 Central American gangs operate in 28 cities.
I realize I've been posting a lot of anti-illegal immigration articles on this site. For the record, I am NOT anti-Mexican nor anti-immigrant. I am strictly anti-ILLEGAL immigrant. I speak passable Spanish, have spent a lot of time in Central America and Mexico, and throughout my life my friends have been from a wide range of ethnicities. Legal immigrants have always played an important role in building our nation, and nearly every person living in this country is the descendant of an immigrant. The point I am trying to make with these articles is that we must control immigration and not utterly stop it. I would not be writing these posts if our immigrants were all passing medical exams and background checks and demonstrated that they can financially support themselves and speak English.

Thanks to Uncle Sam's America for finding this article.

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