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Friday, April 01, 2005

Project Minuteman

The Minuteman Project has begun.

Hundreds of volunteers have arrived in Tombstone, Arizona, to begin a one month long battle against illegal immigration. The primary purpose of this project is to draw public attention to the problems of illegal immigration and pressure politicians to do something about this problem. Patriotic and well meaning volunteers will work in small organized groups, and will patrol designated areas along the border and report illegal border crossing to border patrol agents.

This not a racist vigilante mob as it has been portrayed in many new stories and political sound bites. A vigilante, according to, is "One who takes or advocates the taking of law enforcement into one's own hands". The group, much like a neighborhood watch, is merely going to keep a look out for crime (i.e. illegal border crossings) and report these crimes to the border patrol. Thus, they will not be taking law into their own hands and will leave law enforcement to the proper authorities. The group's standard operating procedures forbid intentional contact with illegals. Members are forbidden to carry handcuffs and other human restraining devices. Members are told to carry first aid kits and water and to provide these items to any who needs them, illegal immigrants or not.

Here are some quotes from the Standard Operating Procedures listed on the Minuteman Project Web site:
Volunteers will maintain a strict code of ethics and behavior: you will adhere to a no contact policy. Spot, report and avoid any contact with people entering our country illegally. No exceptions.

Our efforts are not meant to stop illegals, our efforts are designed to send our elected officials a stiff reminder - they work for us first. Ignore us and we will continue to grow in numbers. We succeed this time and we will have thousands more who will follow our lead in future more interactive missions.

Experienced volunteers of Civil Homeland Defense (CHD) will be mentoring groups of novice border watchers who are here for the first time. CHD volunteers will consult, guide and share experience with new volunteers. CHD volunteers will continue to work in every way possible that will support the mission. For this mission, you will resist in every way confronting or attempting to make contact with illegals.
Please keep all of this in mind the next time you hear President Bush call these good people "vigilantes", or when a misinformed or disingenuous reporter tries to paint this project as racist. I salute the people who are taking time from their lives to try and make this country a better place. I wish I was able to join them and I hope they succeed in gaining enough publicity to help force our grossly negligent politicians to do everything in their considerable power to stop illegal immigration.



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